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What is a HUD Statement?

Selling a house can be an exciting time in one’s life. There are many steps that need to be taken along the way, and one of them is understanding what a HUD statement is. Knowing what a HUD statement is and why it’s important will make the selling process simpler and less stressful.

What Is A HUD Statement?

A HUD statement stands for Housing & Urban Development. This document is provided by the seller when you are purchasing a home which outlines all of the costs associated with the sale. The form contains detailed information regarding closing costs, taxes, commissions, loan origination fees etc. It also states how much money was received from the buyer and how much money was given to the seller at closing. This document provides transparency between both parties and ensures that each party has been properly compensated for their part in the transaction.

Why Is A HUD Statement Important?

The HUD statement is important because it helps protect both parties involved in the sale of a home. When buying or selling a home, there are many different costs associated with it such as legal fees, title insurance, taxes, etc., so having this document helps ensure that each party receives what they rightfully deserve from this transaction. Additionally, it allows buyers to easily compare different properties since all of their expenses will be clearly outlined on this form. Lastly, it serves as evidence in case any disputes arise between either party after closing has occurred.


A HUD statement should always be provided when selling a house and can help make sure everyone gets what they deserve from this transaction without any surprises or discrepancies later on down the road. Understanding what this form entails is essential for anyone buying or selling real estate so take some time to learn more about it before getting started with your purchase/sale!

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